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Mums against crime

The Equality Practice has had the great pleasure of working with some amazing mums from North East Lincolnshire’s East Marsh area.  These ladies are proud and capable as individuals, but as a newly forged team, they are a now constituted group called ‘A walk in the Park’, and they are unstoppable.

Fed up with the state of their children’s Park, Albion St Park, they have joined together to do something about it.  With sheer hard work and lots of effort they have raised thousands of pounds and are refurbishing the park themselves.  The Equality Practice has been able to help them to form as a strong team, help them raise funds and establish contacts within the local authority and social housing providers.

They have, and continue to, work very hard to give their children and the children in their area somewhere safe to play!  What a pleasure it has been working with you.

Funded mainly by The Tudor Trust, with some support from the Tribune Trust, The Equality Practice is working with mums on the East Marsh in North East Lincolnshire to ensure their children have access to a furnished park, where their children and other children can play safely. Mums Against Crime helps women to come together as a team, gain confidence in their ability to change and positively affect issues in their own area, for the good of the community.  The work these mums have undertaken shows it is possible for residents to create change.  It will show their children and others that coming together and working together, sharing tasks and responsibilities can bring about change, helping to ensure children can, and do, take part in good and positive activities on the East Marsh. The Mums Against Crime Team have raised a great deal of money for the refurbishment of their park, and The Equality Practice has been able to help them raise further funds.  However they still need more support.  If you can support their efforts with time, resources or funds please get in touch.  Your help would be very welcome.