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Grim and Havelock Project

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, The Equality Practice received funding for the Grim and Havelock Project.

Project Overall Aims

The project is not just about renovating the statue, but also about promoting inclusion.  This time it will be through the idea of The Greatest Story Never Told – that of Grim and the boy prince Havelock.  The legend of Grim and Havelock is the ultimate immigration story, showing the value others bring to our town.  Who knows, without this story, Grimsby might not exist!  

The project has many elements.  We will have an illustrated story book created to share the story with school children, repair and display the old statue, hold community gallery displays and consultations, and involve local writers, artists and organisations.  All the funding will be spent locally, working with local organisations to achieve this project.


There are three phases to the project.  The first phase, in partnership with the turntable gallery, will take place at an opening event on the 19th May, from 3-6pm at the turntable gallery in Victoria Street, Grimsby.  This opening event, named The Wake, is by invitation only and celebrates exactly 50 years since the statue was unveiled at the Grimsby Institute. From the 20th May, the gallery will be open to the public from 11am – 3pm, (Wed-Sat).  It will look at the history of the statue and the legend of Grim.  

Phase 2: The Resurrection, includes the renovation of the statue and a larger exhibition at the Fishing Heritage Centre, (Jan 24), plus working with local colleges and schools, artists and writers.  We will have a children’s book telling the legend of how Grimsby was founded, and competitions for people to become involved in, such as artwork – some of which will be displayed at the Fishing Heritage Centre in the larger exhibition.

Phase 3: Afterlife, places the statue in its permanent home at WE1 at the kasbah in Grimsby Docks, (April, 24).

The story of Grim and Havelock echoes through the ages and here, in 2023, greatly demonstrates the value that difference can bring to places.

Grimsby is a sum of its parts. It is a community of individuals operating together to form one beautiful whole. This is to be embraced. This is to be celebrated. Our locale is buoyed by new skills, talent and spirit that compliment old ways.

You can read more about the project in our press release here.