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Common Ground 2019

BSBT, Building a Stronger Britain Together

The Equality Practice has been commissioned by Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust to help GTFC and Blundell Park become more Inclusive, more welcoming and more respectful, so that all members of our community can access the ground, without fear or prejudice. The Common Ground project has been designed by The Equality Practice, is funded by the Home Office, and is independently audited by Ipsos Mori. The project was so successful in 2017 that is recorded a rise of 40% in fans stating they valued diversity. The Home office has since funded this project to run again in 2019.

The Equality Practice and Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust invited the CEO of the EFL Trust and representatives of the Home Office to GTFC to look at our success. From here both the EFL Trust and the Home Office pooled funding, and rolled out different versions of this project across a further 8 clubs in the UK in 2018.

Common Ground is about Tolerance and Inclusion via exposure to difference, in a fun and safe environment. Many activities took place that introduced fans and staff to different music, different cultures, people from different faiths, different food etc. These included China Spirit UK, The Real Steal Band, African Odyssey, Trishol Bollywood School of Dance, The Bollywood Band, Masala Masters and Indian Food by Somir Abdul.