The Inclusion School Banner

Under the Common Ground Inclusion Project, designed and managed by The Equality Practice, GTSET took Inclusion into local schools and delivered workshops teaching about Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. The children produced banners to promote tolerance and paraded at GTFC ground, in front of a crowd of over 3000. The banners now hang in their schools, furthering the message of tolerance, welcome and respect into our communities.

This was part of the Building a Stronger Britain Together Common Ground Project.

Mums against crime

The Equality Practice has had the great pleasure of working with some amazing mums from North East Lincolnshire’s East Marsh area.  These ladies are proud and capable as individuals, but as a newly forged team, they are a now constituted group called ‘A walk in the Park’, and they are unstoppable.

Fed up with the state of their children’s Park, Albion St Park, they have joined together to do something about it.  With sheer hard work and lots of effort they have raised thousands of pounds and are refurbishing the park themselves.  The Equality Practice has been able to help them to form as a strong team, help them raise funds and establish contacts within the local authority and social housing providers.

They have, and continue to, work very hard to give their children and the children in their area somewhere safe to play!  What a pleasure it has been working with you.

Funded mainly by The Tudor Trust, with some support from the Tribune Trust, The Equality Practice is working with mums on the East Marsh in North East Lincolnshire to ensure their children have access to a furnished park, where their children and other children can play safely. Mums Against Crime helps women to come together as a team, gain confidence in their ability to change and positively affect issues in their own area, for the good of the community.  The work these mums have undertaken shows it is possible for residents to create change.  It will show their children and others that coming together and working together, sharing tasks and responsibilities can bring about change, helping to ensure children can, and do, take part in good and positive activities on the East Marsh. The Mums Against Crime Team have raised a great deal of money for the refurbishment of their park, and The Equality Practice has been able to help them raise further funds.  However they still need more support.  If you can support their efforts with time, resources or funds please get in touch.  Your help would be very welcome.

Common Ground 2019

BSBT, Building a Stronger Britain Together

The Equality Practice has been commissioned by Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust to help GTFC and Blundell Park become more Inclusive, more welcoming and more respectful, so that all members of our community can access the ground, without fear or prejudice. The Common Ground project has been designed by The Equality Practice, is funded by the Home Office, and is independently audited by Ipsos Mori. The project was so successful in 2017 that is recorded a rise of 40% in fans stating they valued diversity. The Home office has since funded this project to run again in 2019.

The Equality Practice and Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust invited the CEO of the EFL Trust and representatives of the Home Office to GTFC to look at our success. From here both the EFL Trust and the Home Office pooled funding, and rolled out different versions of this project across a further 8 clubs in the UK in 2018.

Common Ground is about Tolerance and Inclusion via exposure to difference, in a fun and safe environment. Many activities took place that introduced fans and staff to different music, different cultures, people from different faiths, different food etc. These included China Spirit UK, The Real Steal Band, African Odyssey, Trishol Bollywood School of Dance, The Bollywood Band, Masala Masters and Indian Food by Somir Abdul.

2019 Female Football at Grimsby Town FC

2019 GTFC formed female team, the first in over 100 years. They came together this year to play at Blundell Park, to the delight of the crowds. To celebrate this momentous occasion, The Real Steal Band, played to the crowds as they took their seats and at Half time.

This was Part of the Common Ground Project

GTFC Family fun day

GTFC Family Fun Day saw many of the activities all take place on the same day, with over 1000 fans able to mix and greet the diverse acts and of course meet both the players of the mens and now the female teams

The Family Funday was part of the BSBT Common Ground Project to promote diversity and inclusion at Grimsby Town Football Club.

Common Ground 2017

In 2017 Grimsby Town Sports and Educational Trust commissioned The Equality Practice to assist in the design and management of the Common Ground Project, supported by ‘Building a Stronger Britain Together.

The Common Ground message is one of welcome and value to all.

To date this is one of our most exciting projects.  It has not only given us the chance to work with Graham Rodger, and his team at Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust, but also Grimsby Town Football Club, fans,staff, players, managers, directors and importantly the huge number of volunteers working with GTFC. This project has meant we have also had the support of and worked closely throughout 2017 with the Home Office, M&C Saatchi and  IPSOS Mori. 

Common Ground officially launched at Blundell Park on Sunday 23rd July at the Mariners Trust Community Fun Day. From 10 am until 4pm the ground was buzzing with people who had come to meet the GTFC’s new team.  More importantly to us, people who had never been to the ground before came and saw and enjoyed our welcome.

On the day, all enjoyed the Bollywood Brass Band who had flown in from a gig in Poland. They played in the new team as they met the fans and signed autographs.

The Chinese Lion Dance and the Traditional Chinese Dancers came over from Hull and shared their cultural dances. Also played over the big screen were  Respect films made by Focus 7, with the help of Fusion Youth Theatre, member of the YMCA and local community. We also arranged for Indian food to be available, as well as cakes.

Saturday 2nd September Trishol School of Dance performed a special treat of Bollywood influenced dancing.

Ladies from the Muslim community baked and came along and sold cakes, and a representative from the LGBT group volunteered her help on our Common Ground Stall – all of which added to the atmosphere, and celebrated the value of difference. It was most definitely new for Blundell Park and was well received.

GTFC want all to know that it is an inclusive club where tolerance and respect towards each other is practised.