Old laptops for new starts

Part of the work we do is helping disadvantaged people, particularly women and minorities. During our work we have come across an issue that seems to be easy to fix if only we can find ways to access the equipment. Many of our participants are really trying hard to help themselves and improve their life circumstances.

During these unprecedented times having access to the internet has never been more needed. There is a growing digital divide between the haves and have nots. Lots of service providers including job searches and access to basic services have moved their customer services online. If you do not have access to the internet you are often absolutely stuck.

We are currently seeking old laptops. They do not have to be fancy machines and when you don’t have one even an old slow one is better than none.

If you know of anyone who has an old laptop that they would be willing to donate then please get in touch. Additionally we are taking donations via our donate button to purchase second hand and refurbished machines. You can easily and securely send us a donation by using the donate button at the top of our pages on the website. All the money from these donations will be used to fund laptops. Please remember to mention laptops when you donate so that we know to use this for this project.

New way to help people!

We are delighted to be able to offer a quick and easy way to help people in need. Using a secure and trusted service via PayPal, you can now donate to worthy causes that are run by The Equality Practice. You can rest assured your donation is needed and will be used to help those most in need. We will give regular updates as to how we are helping with your donation.

Look at the top of the page and there you will see a donate button. Click this and a new window will appear. Here you can donate. Thank you so much. #Donate #giving #helping